Finding it hard to understand what I’m on about?
Tough luck mate.

I’m really not here to connect the dots for you.
I couldn’t, even if I wanted to.
And I don’t.

These brain farts are written here for my own pleasure and with my beloved Gina in mind as the sole intended recipient.

Sure, they do sound like rants.

Hey man, no-one finds them funny! I hear you say.
Also give two rat’s asses about that.

Don’t like? Don’t read. Go back to the numb nothingness of your Britain’s Got Talent or whatever else you watch on TV.

Walk away now.

There’s nothing here for you. None of the crap you feed on for hours on end, with your mobile phone in front of your nose, browsing the so-called Social Media.

Would I accept money to get you some understanding of what these rants mean?

Hell no! Drop dead, you and the likes of you.

Panem et circenses.
Or rather, Carnem et circenses, nowadays.

One thing though: all photos and content on this site are mine and mine only.
No-one is allowed to use it without my own written permission.