The one question

Suppose you could have a conversation with God, or a god, or your deity, whatever.

Which would you say would be the one question to ask?

Why did you create me?

I don’t think so.

Me? My only question would be: who created you?

In other words: how can creation stop at the first deity tier? If one creation occurred, how is it thinkable that that was the only creator?

However, this reasoning immediately leads to an infinite progression.

Ergo, either no creation at all, or an infinite series of them.

But since Parmenides, we know that from nothing there cannot come something. Nor vice versa. Not even our best physics can admit that (everything is transformed etc.).

However, it’s worth noting that deity status does not imply creation: I transcend my own cells and am a god-like creature to them, whereby my intents and purposes (plans) are forever inexplicable to them, and yet I did not create my own cells.

Where does this leave us?

In confusion, as usual.