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francesco politi on glyder fawr in winter

My love for photography started when I was twelve. I used to spend hours studying a few technical manuals I had got my hands on. The step up came when – now at university – I set up my first darkroom.

For years I have focused mainly on B/W photography, with my trusty Mamiya RB67 and a Nikon F5, as it allowed me to be in charge of the whole creative process, from the shot to printing through development. In fact, although I loved the emotional supercharge of colour in my slides, having to delegate the processing to the lab inevitably made me feel somewhat estranged to the technical and creative process.

Then digital photography changed all this. I did the switch very late myself and being so strongly rooted into film, my colour digital post-production is limited by similar constraints as those founds when processing and printing colour film.

I am indebited to Galen Rowell and share in full his vision.