Swinley Forest Enduro 2017

I have been preparing nearly all year, since November 2016, for this event: my first Enduro race, or any race for that matter.
I didn’t really know what to expect. I did not even know whether I’d actually like to race if I’m honest, and all the pressure that mounted around the┬álong awaited day was putting me off somehow.
But then race day arrived and it proved to be well worth the wait and painful preparation. I raced some of the stage really well, especially the more downhill ones (8 of 64), while rather sucking at the more pedally ones (42 of 64), where I could feel all my remaining power being sucked by the bike suspensions and tyres. I ended up 30 of 64 in veteran class, which is pretty good all considering.
Next race now on the 5th November, in a completely unknown setting! The QECP Southern Enduro 2017 Mash Up, in Hampshire.


fpoliti-swinduro-9-copyfpoliti-swinduro-7-sm fpoliti-swinduro-6-smfpoliti-swinduro-4-sm fpoliti-swinduro-3-sm fpoliti-swinduro-2-smfpoliti-swinduro-8-sm fpoliti-swinduro-1-sm


Here is a video I put together with some of the footage from my chest cam. Some of it got corrupted so only a few stages were recorded.